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Hi! My name is Tyler Kovacs! Ever since I was young, I had big dreams & aspirations to travel the United States and the world & to connect with people from all walks of life. When I was 16 my parents gave me my very first overland rig; a 2002 Toyota 4Runner- however that didn’t last long as I totaled it when I was 17. When I turned 23 I bought my self a brand new 2021′ Toyota Tacoma. At the time my inspiration for my build was Grant Wilbanks, from Arkansas Offroad- @grizzy.gram! I immediately started building my rig the way I dreamed it would always be! I became prominent in my community (Jacksonville, Florida) and would lead local’s on trail rides thru local national forests. Since then, my truck has seen at least 3 different “facelifts.” My Tacoma and I have been from Florida as far out as Montana at least 4 times & If I had time, I could list a story for every 100 miles! My continued goal is to keep making relationships and new friends from around the world and be able to share experiences!