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Purple Heart pre post 911 combat veteran. who does overland to show other veterans that it can be used to help heal the wounds of war. Then uses the same skills I have learned to take other veterans on short Overland trips in the Appalachian Mountains to teach them these skills and get them out into the wilderness to start their healing journey. Have been “Overlanding” before Overlanding was a term. From my 85 Weestfalia to my current rig I have been exploring this great nations backcountry for almost 30+ years now. We’ve dedicate the past year to start to document it and start the Veteran Overland Project with the two side of @gladiatoroverland documenting my journey to healing myself and relationship with my spouse for others to see and then implementing these skill with @veteranoverlandproject with trips starting in 2023. We currently are self funding the project and hope to be able to have it stand on its own two feet next year or so.