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The Phoenix Insurance is an independent insurance agency that specializes in specialty insurance. They have been insuring specialty off road vehicles for many years, and are the preferred insurance agency of YouTube stars Lite Brite Nation. Insurance for custom cars is complicated and working with a professional team like the people at The Phoenix Insurance is a way to ensure that the investment you make in your rig is protected. Insurance is mo9re complicated than TV commercials would have you believe and working with people who understand the ins and out of insurance makes it easy. The Phoenix Insurance agency is one of the largest custom and exotic car insurers in the United States – and off-road rigs are a different, more complicated type of custom. Check them out on their website or their YouTube or social media – just look for The Phoenix Insurance and see what it’s like to work with someone who understands the unique challenges of insuring custom off road rigs – and specialty insurance. You don’t do things like everyone else – why not work with the agency that understands that.